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EDH/Commander Month Long

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August Month Long Events

This months feature is  the ever popular Commander ( aka  EDH aka Elder Dragon HighLander ). Deck construction rules are posted on the website. No infinite  Loops are allowed, regardless of the banned list. If you stop the loop at 5,10 or a million if the combo can go infinite then it=s an infinite loop! This will be a game loss for the player.
NO Proxies are allowed ( you had a year to get the cards!)

This Year will feature Multiplayer formats and Brawl. Players CAN use different generals for each game, but cannot wait to see what other generals are being played ( all generals are revealed at the same time). The ban list has changed, check the website for details. I STRONGLY discourage players from trying to break the format or create an atmosphere that is not fun for everyone ....

Cost:  cost will be $7.00 per week ( $6.00 for Gold) Each week starts on a Wednesday ends on the Saturday

Days:  Event will start on Wednesday August 7th and last day will be Saturday September 14th ( 18 days of FUN! ) - prizes handed out on Wednesday Sept 18th

Prizes: All money will go towards prizes ( to be annouced at the end when we have a grand total) - this year prizes will be random ( lets keep it casual and fun) - you get 1 ticket for each day of participation and can win mutiple times) , I know there are a ton of competitive players so the top player will get a premium promo pack ( values at $50 +)

Extra Prizes! :
Players who play a min # DAYS ( this is new this year ) will also receive the following:
5 Days  - Pick from binder A
9 Days -  Assortment of Promos
14 Days - Pick from Binder B

Mulitplayer - Formats
 1. Table position is not fixed, but changes at every game. The positioning of the players is determined by a dice roll, in a "highest to lowest clockwise" order. Thus, we do not have the same adversaries every game, and the random choice of allies and opponents gives an extra twist to the game.
3. Players may play other opponents over and over again during the month Long Event.
4. This year. ANY of the multiplayer formats may be used but NOT twice in a row ( sorry no playing 2 headed  giant all night! ) AND tables need to be remixed after each game!
5. Players who concede or kill themself will earn ZERO points for the game - that includes the 1 for participation.. If this is in response to being killed the other player will still earn the point for the kill. This also will NOT count towards your "game" for that day... It is very unsportsman like behavior!

Multiplayer formats include the following ( see below for details ): 

Star 2 Headed Giant, 3 on 3 ( team a vs b ), Roll to attack, Attack left, Chaos ( if all agree) .. players may also use planechase to the formats ( if all agree)

Format Details:
Star Format
1) The 2 players on your sides are your "allies" (not team-mates) while the other 2 are your opponents (legal for target opponent spells) 2) A player wins when both his/her opponents are killed. (it is possible for 2 players to win) 3) One point for each opponent killed, an Extra point for being the last person standing
4) What helps in Star games is when your ally dies, you get damage, this can cause chain reactions, but helps your opponent to give them  a reason to help you... when an ally dies you lose10 Life.
 5) You cannot target your allies with a target opponent spells6) You cannot attack your allies

3 on 3 ( Team A vs Team B )
1) 6 player variant with 3 players for each side are randomly decided.
2) Team A can only attack Team B and visa versa. You can attack any player on the opposing side.
3) One Team wins when all of the other side are knocked out - the team gets a point + 1 point for each player you knock out on the opposing side.

** see store for details of all these formats

This format will run along side of the EDH month long and can be played as 1vs 1 or multiplayer - it will be FREE and additional promos will be handed out to each player for participation and winner TBD

Note: Player of the year Points will 3 x points for EDH  and 3x points for Brawl!!!


**** Changes affective now ****


So I am going to make a change, there will be 2 events within the month long casual & competitive - casual group will get player year points x1 at the end of the month and their prizes will be random. Competitive group - you will have a 3x multipler for player of the year points Plus you get the casual points too,  there will be promo packs to the top players including foil promo packs ( dependant on # of players) . Players can swap back and forth between casual and competitive during the night, but please don't play your competitive deck in the casual format!!

I think this will address the issue of players trying to get points for the board and wanting to play more competitive decks and players who enjoy the casual game, along with newer players or those using a pre con